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Taking the TOPIK II

On Thursday, I got my results for the TOPIK II I took last month. The TOPIK II is for levels 3 to 6 (intermediate to advanced) and the best possible score is 300—100 points each for Writing, Listening, and Reading. … Continue reading

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How to recover an item lost in a cab in Korea

* This post has nothing to do with any of my books or writing. I only thought it might be helpful for some people, especially those who can’t read Korean and don’t have access to Korean resources. If you want, … Continue reading

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Other News

I’m working on some longer posts that may never get posted so in the interim, I thought I’d share a couple of links to articles I’ve read recently that I thought were interesting. Each article is about a young Korean … Continue reading

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Doing What You Love

For those of you who don’t know, a few days before my birthday at the end of 2013, I was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. A car making an illegal left turn T-boned me, shattering my left tibia into … Continue reading

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I’m going to put off the post on identity because it’s going to take some time to write. The observant among you will have noticed that there is a new Categories widget in the panel on the right. I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Random Update

[I’ll randomly update from time to time even when nothing big has happened and I have nothing special to say. If you want to have even a modestly popular blog, I was once told, you have to be prolific. After … Continue reading

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