Media Coverage

I’ll post links to the coverage of the book the book gets in various media here.

Print news

7/22/2016 – The Korea Times
4/7/2004 – Seattle Post-Intelligencer – This article nearly got me thrown in military prison.

Website Interviews

7/20/2015 – Narratively

Radio Interviews

6/17/2015 – Deutsche Welle WorldLink
6/11/2015 – France Inter
5/20/2015 – Radio France Internationale
3/13/2015 – This Morning with Chris Jensen on TBS eFM

Podcast Interviews

5/13/2015 – Korea and the World

Blog interviews

3/30/2015 – Gusts of Popular Feeling


Blog mentions/reviews

Big Hominid’s Hairy Chasms (Kevin Kim): 1, 2, 3, 4
Long Time Gone (John McCrarey): 1


The press release


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