The Accidental Citizen-Soldier

The book: The Accidental Citizen-Soldier

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$2.99 on Amazon ($4.99 for international customers)

Summary: The Accidental Citizen-Soldier is the story of Young Chun, an American who traveled to South Korea to teach English, only to be barred from leaving the country and forced to serve in the Korean Army. He knew very little of the language and practically nothing of the Army culture, but he somehow managed to come out the other end of the two years, relatively unscathed. The two years took him from the Korean countryside to Second Army HQ to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and back again.

Published on February 27, 2015, the book is a memoir recounting my time in the Korean Army. It is my first published book.

Media Coverage

Print news

7/22/2016 – The Korea Times
4/7/2004 – Seattle Post-Intelligencer – This article nearly got me thrown in military prison.

Website Interviews

4/10/2018 – Bookish Asia + review
7/20/2015 – Narratively

Radio Interviews

6/17/2015 – Deutsche Welle WorldLink
6/11/2015 – France Inter
5/20/2015 – Radio France Internationale
3/13/2015 – This Morning with Chris Jensen on TBS eFM

Podcast Interviews

5/13/2015 – Korea and the World

Blog interviews

3/30/2015 – Gusts of Popular Feeling

Blog mentions/reviews

Big Hominid’s Hairy Chasms (Kevin Kim): 1, 2, 3, 4
Long Time Gone (John McCrarey): 1


The press release

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