I’m going to put off the post on identity because it’s going to take some time to write. The observant among you will have noticed that there is a new Categories widget in the panel on the right. I’ve decided to categorize my posts so that the casual visitor doesn’t have to wade through the crap to read what he/she would like to read.

Here’s an explanation of the categorization scheme.
Additional Material: Posts with stories or other material that I didn’t include or took out of the book in the editing process.
Promotion: Posts that share links to promotional activities.
Random: Posts that don’t really fit into any category; mostly posts about my days.
Uncategorized: Posts that are random but that I don’t want to mark as random.
Updates: Posts with updates about the book or the process of finding people to promote the book.

Of course, there is some overlap in the categories, but I chose the category that was the most applicable for each post because I don’t want to make things complicated. This post naturally fits in the Random category.

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