20 Reviews

I finally got my 20th review on Amazon.


It’s actually not many at all, but it was something nice to discover since the 10th review was written almost two years ago, in August 2015.

4.6 out of 5 is a pretty decent score. In all honesty, five of the reviews were written by friends or acquaintances so the value could be skewed if they were being generous. Those reviews were, however, unsolicited. I don’t like to beg.

I’m really struggling with the novel these days and am still trying to wrap up the English “textbook” so I’ve rarely given a thought to the memoir lately. I keep meaning—since the inception of this blog, in fact— to post some of the stories that I cut from the final draft of the memoir. Unfortunately, laziness and frustration probably means that it will stay that way until things change.


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