Lesson for the new year

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but for those of you who do, here’s a lesson I re-learned since my last post: If you want to accomplish anything, keep that shit to yourself.

Here’s a short TED video that explains why.

This is probably why there is the cliché of the guy who’s always talking about working on his book but never ends up writing it. I was that cliché for a long time and am always in danger of becoming that cliché again.

I was doing well with my 1,000 words a day goal until I posted it on the blog. It’s been almost a month since, and I only have about 7,000 words to show for it.

This idleness isn’t really due to broadcasting the goal on this blog. A couple days before I wrote that last post, I was with some friends visiting from Hawaii, and I was asked about how the writing was going. I mentioned that I was working on my novel and that I had set a goal of 1,000 words a day and was managing to stick with it.

“1,000 words? Wow!”

That’s all it took.

Since then, I’ve struggled with writing even 200 words a day, many days not even that. Some days, I cut more than I wrote. Some days, I just drank. I spent the last week in Japan, and it was almost all drinking and no writing. At this pace, I’ll be lucky to finish the first half of the book by the end of the winter.

That’s not a resolution, just an observation.

I’m not much of a talker, but I still need to learn to keep my mouth shut. How much better would the world be if we all learned to get off our fat asses and act instead of bullshitting all the time?

Happy New Year.

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4 Responses to Lesson for the new year

  1. bighominid says:

    Resolution or not, here’s to a productive, creative, and somewhat less inebriated 2017.


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