No, I’m not in a coma

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog. Actually, I only realized it the other week. It’s not that I haven’t written any posts. I’ve actually written at least five or six posts that I never got around to finishing up and posting. Ironically, one of those posts was an explanation of why I never get around to posting the things I write. There are a lot of reasons for the prolonged absence, but the primary reason is I’m focusing on writing my novel right now.

For the few among you who have been reading since my previous blog, you’ll know that I have a lot of respect for Stephen King. It’s like they invented a novel-writing machine in the future, and the machine became sentient, figured out time travel, settled down in 20th century New England, and decided to write stories about killer clowns and hunting humans. According to Wikipedia, he sets out each day with a quota of 2,000 words and will not stop writing until it is met.

My current goal is 1,000 words per day, which is a realistic goal for me at this point, but it’s still painful on most days. Usually by the end, I’m typing out utter garbage through bleary eyes while debating whether having dinner is worth the loss of sleep (because I eat late, after I’m done writing, and I teach 7 o’clock classes). For a typical novel of 80,000-100,000 words, work at this pace should take me roughly three months. That’s my current goal at the moment—to finish a first draft by the end of the winter. Of course, I most probably won’t meet that goal because there will be many days where I instead choose to drink, especially with the end of the year approaching, or do other side work to pay the bills.

After my laptop crashed in September, I started by reconstructing as much of the outline as I could remember, but I was basically starting from scratch. October was spent in fleshing out the outline and doing research for the book. In November, I was just dragging my feet, writing maybe a paragraph or less a day. It got to a point where I realized I’d never finish if I didn’t start forcing myself to write, which is why I decided to impose a quota on myself a couple of weeks ago. I’m currently at around 22,000 words.

I’ll try to post occasionally, maybe get around to finishing those lost entries, but my priority is in finishing this draft. If there are no updates in the months to come, hopefully that means that I’m actually getting shit done.

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4 Responses to No, I’m not in a coma

  1. bighominid says:

    I’ll be impatient to read the finished work. Good luck and happy writing!


    • Young says:

      Thanks, Kevin. The goal is a first draft by the end of the winter. Between editing and finding a publisher (I really don’t want to self-publish again), it’ll probably be at least a year and a half before it comes out, though.


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