Print News Interview: The Korea Times

This is two weeks late, but I finally managed to get an article in The Korea Times, thanks to Sam Paterson. It was in the July 23-24 weekend edition and the July 22 online edition.

Photo courtesy of Frederic Ojardias, one of three friends who still read the newspaper

When I first started promoting the book, I was unsuccessfully in getting The Korea Times to publish an article about it. I never got a reply the first couple times I contacted them, and there was interest after my first radio interview, but it was shot down by the editor at the time. As a result, I didn’t get my hopes up after doing the interview, and I was surprised on the morning of the 23rd, when Sam sent me an e-mail saying that it had been published, followed by messages from the few friends who saw it in the paper.

All the books at Kyobo (there were only five to begin with) finally sold out at the end of the last month as well. I’ve talked to my contact at Kyobo and hopefully I’ll get them back on the shelves in the coming weeks.

The article


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