January recap

Another late recap and another busy month. While teaching a full class load during our winter intensives and a week of travel planning at the beginning of this month, I managed to finish two rounds of editing with the English textbook and sent it off to a friend and co-worker for translation into Korean. Just after the Lunar New Year holiday, I took my family on a trip to Osaka and Kyoto, which was draining and a true test of my gimpy leg and low intermediate Japanese skills. However, as the only smoker in the family, I cashed in at the duty free and came back with two bottles of whisky and five cartons of cigarettes.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I’ve started seriously translating the memoir into Korean. The day I left for Japan, I got an email from the person who offered to help with the translation, and she let me know that she wouldn’t be able to help. So I’ve got to struggle through the translation on my own and pump out translations at a fast enough pace to keep the Korean writer who offered to edit the book on the hook. It’s going to be a challenge. These past few days have shown me how big of a gap exists between my writing ability in English and Korean. But it might be better this way. I’ve always preferred taking care of things myself when I can.

Sales of the memoir in January were meager, but I was happy to find that people are still buying the book even though it’s been almost half a year since I’ve done any promotion. I still have 12 boxes of books cluttering up my apartment so I’ll have to start contacting other bookstores to see if I can at least have a couple more channels of distribution.

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