Paperbacks in Korea

The books came in from China yesterday. Actually, they came in on Friday, but the customs procedures are more complicated than I had thought and they weren’t delivered until yesterday.

2015-10-05 16.50.54

17 boxes, taking up space in my apartment until I can figure out how to sell all of them. Once they arrived, I realized that I didn’t include the ISBN barcode in the cover design. Today, I had to run out to the local discount mart and buy address labels, then head to school to scan and print the barcodes on the labels. Now I’ll have to individually stick a label on each book, but I’ll just do it as they sell. There’s no point in doing it all now.

2015-10-06 21.11.09

Just a little earlier, I got in touch with my contact at Kyobo, and he told me that I need a seller (with a business license) to deal with them, something he neglected to tell me when I was first contemplating ordering the books from China. He told me he’d look into ways around it and hopefully he’ll be able to figure something out. If he can’t, I’ll have to try finding someone with a business license who’s willing to deal with Kyobo for me, not that he’s sure that’s an option, either.

My contact also told me that it’ll be difficult to get my books stocked at the Kyobo on campus as well, something that I was told was an option from another source. A former student of mine told me that his father, who has some sway over school affairs for some reason, would be able to get the book stocked at the campus bookstore, but my friend at Kyobo told me that it wouldn’t be so simple.

I was also planning on peddling the books to other bookstores, but it looks like I’ll just run into the same problems. So basically, everything is hinging upon whether my friend can figure a way to make this work. Otherwise, I’ll be the sad guy selling books out of the trunk of his car.


Apparently, this guy is a fixture in Hollywood. Source: Tabloid Baby

By the way, if you’d like to buy a paperback and you’re in Korea, you can purchase one directly from me. Without the markup by the bookstores, it’ll be much cheaper. Contact me at

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One Response to Paperbacks in Korea

  1. bighominid says:

    This is where that deep voice is supposed to boom from the skies and say, “And now the real work begins!” Happy stickering, sucka.


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