August/Free Book Promotion Recap

August started off as the worst month for sales by far. Aside from the first month and May, when I had the first book promotion, I was averaging 20–25 books per month. By the end of the third week of August, I had sold only one e-book and three paperbacks (thanks to John McCrarey). As a result, I decided to do another free book promotion through Amazon with much reluctance and very little enthusiasm. At the end of the five days, I was surprised to see that this promotion did even better than the previous promotion, putting me over the 1,000 book mark at the end of the third day. (I’ve had over 1,000 free books downloaded alone.)

August was an unexpectedly busy month—I had originally planned to take it easy after last month—and, as a result, I did no other promotion for the book. But the overtime I’ve made should more than pay for printing the book in China, which I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, being chronically low on funds. Luckily for me, I’ve been contacted by a reporter in Germany for an interview this month, and I was contacted this morning with some potentially exciting news. I don’t like posting about things that probably won’t happen, so I will post about this later if it pans out.

I also got my 10th and 11th reviews on Amazon. Both brought down the average rating of the book slightly, but they were positive overall. I agree with the most critical one, that the second half of the book is not as good as the first half. It was something I debated for a long time, but I thought the whole story was necessary as a memoir even though nothing really happened to me during the last 10 months of my service. It’s another reason why I want to write novels, to be able to write without the restriction of what really happened because what happens in real life is often boring.

Sales for this month are already practically equal to the first three weeks of last month, the books should be coming in from China as long as I haven’t been ripped off, I have an interview set up, and there’s potential for greater things to come so hopefully September will be a good month.

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2 Responses to August/Free Book Promotion Recap

  1. bighominid says:

    Fingers and tentacles crossed. Will be curious to read about what the Big Thing is.


    • Young says:

      Thanks, Kevin. I’m very skeptical about these kind of things so I’m not keeping my hopes up. But it was nice news to wake up to. I might post about it later even if it doesn’t work out.


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