I never once thought I’d be able to “sell” 1,000 copies of the book, definitely not in the first year. Maybe after 5 or 10 years. Maybe. Even at the start of this promotion, I thought I’d get maybe another hundred or so. But this promotion is potentially going to outdo the previous and without any promotion aside from Facebook.

The total number of people who have the book is nearing 1,200 (although less than 200 are paying readers). The number 1,000 is significant because it was the number of readers I said at the very beginning that I’d be satisfied with. I’ve never had more than 20 people see any of the sculptures I’ve made, I once had about 200 people at a gig when I was in a garage band (but they weren’t there for us), and my average daily visits to this blog are typically less than 10 a day (not that these blog posts are anything I’m proud of). The knowledge that over 1,000 people have bothered to get something I’ve invested so much time and energy in feels great. Of course, I haven’t given up the hope that I’ll someday write a bestseller with a million copies actually sold, but I never had that dream for this book. Writing a great novel is the goal, even if it is never understood.


To be honest, the fact that I only reached this mark because of the free promotions hurts a little.* But this is only my first book. If offering the book for free is what needs to be done, then there’s no point in complaining. But whether there will be another free promotion will require a lot of thought.

* It’s funny how much $2.99 seems like online these days. When I first got a smartphone, I wouldn’t even spend $0.99 for an app. But then I realized that, with the money I spend on alcohol for a single night, I could buy all the apps I wanted.

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2 Responses to 1000+

  1. bighominid says:

    Congrats on reaching the millennium! If the goal wasn’t the money, but just distributing your literature to a thousand people, then you’re a success. Like the Joker, I can understand why you’d want all those people to be paying customers, but I’m sure this experience is helping you figure out your next moves, both literary and financial. Good luck with that novel. May it be understood by all.


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