July Recap

July was an exhausting month for me, and I’m glad it’s over. Intensives at work including a new class, the editing job I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year, and another editing job for a doctoral dissertation, I haven’t had much time for anything aside from napping and eating.

Book sales have been low but steady, and the total for the month is 22 books, which isn’t bad, only a few less than the previous month. Three of the books were purchased on my behalf: one is for me (I gave away my copy to the Korean writer who offered to revise my translation) and the other two are just in case someone is looking for a paperback in Korea (I haven’t made any headway with Kyobo yet). If you want a paperback, just send me an e-mail.

In terms of promotion, there was the article on Narratively, which I thought was well done. There weren’t any new reviews on Amazon, but there was a new review and a new rating on Goodreads.

During my lunches, I’ve actually been working on a textbook, a result of my notes from teaching at the university for the last eight and a half years. I was talking with my co-worker and editor Dan, and it turns out a similar book was publisher almost 30 years ago. I took a look at it yesterday, and I’m hoping that my idea is different enough to be relevant. I guess at this point in the game, there are no more original ideas.

I’m working drastically less hours in August so hopefully I’ll have the energy to start promoting the book again. I’ve also been contacted by someone who went through a similar experience as mine, and he has agreed to write a guest post, which hopefully will be posted in the next month or so.

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2 Responses to July Recap

  1. bighominid says:

    Wow—good luck with the textbook! And with your massive editing projects. Congrats, meanwhile, on the steadiness of book sales. I guess you’re doing something right, marketing-wise.


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