Web Interview: Narratively

An interview I did for the website Narratively has been posted. According to its “About” page:

Narratively is a platform devoted to untold human stories. We avoid the breaking news and the next big headline, and focus instead on slow storytelling, exploring one theme each week and publishing just one story a day. Our network of talented and passionate storytellers and editors comb our world’s big cities and hidden corners for the characters and narratives that mainstream media aren’t finding—the underdogs and overlooked tales that enlighten us, connect us, and capture our imagination; stories that would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Well, that certainly sounds like my story, at least in terms of the lack of coverage by mainstream media. This will probably be the last interview for a long while, perhaps the last interview period. Most of the remaining promising leads I had have fizzled out, and I haven’t been good with promotion these days. I’ve been swamped with work, which is not how I prefer to live my life, but I need to take work when I can get it. It just happens that it all came at once. When it rains, it pours, I guess.

The article is interesting in that it is basically the reporter’s take on my story. At around 2,500 words, it’s a detailed re-telling of certain aspects of my story. I think John Power did a great job with the writing, and Danielle Chenette’s illustrations are fantastic, especially considering that we’ve never talked.ILUeC1PSSG93yqjIBvXy_D Chenette Soldier Spot 2
My favorite illustration from the article. This is how I felt for most of the two years. Taken from the Narratively website.

* The only thing I can say is not completely correct is the statement that I didn’t even like Korean food. My mom is a great cook. I prefer McDonald’s over Korean food any day, but I still like my mom’s cooking.

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4 Responses to Web Interview: Narratively

  1. That’s a nice read. Thanks for sharing. I sent you an email.


  2. John says:

    Big fan of your work. I hope your book becomes more well-known. Have you tried contacting some of the Asian English-language newspapers like the Japan Times or the Bankok Post? They may be interested…


    • Young says:

      Thanks, John. I haven’t tried many news sources in Asia. I contacted a podcast focusing on Japan and a magazine covering Asia in general, but the first only wanted news directly related with Japan and the second didn’t even reply to my e-mail. I guess I should keep trying. Thanks for the suggestions.


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