Radio Interview: France Inter

Another interview on French radio. If you’ve listened to the Radio France Internationale interview, there’s no need to listen to this one because the same interview was used for both radio stations. The website for this interview does have some of the quotes written out in French, which is weird to see. Maybe I should start studying French again.*

france inter

The article

I did an interview last week for an English radio broadcast in Germany so the book is getting coverage in Europe. While it’s disappointing that I can’t get anything going in the States or here in Korea, many of my favorite writers had much more success in Europe than in their home country. If that was the truth for those great writers, I have nothing to complain about.

* I went to an elementary school where French was a required class. I still remember my first day in French class after transferring from my previous elementary school and Mrs. Hyson, a very stern-looking crone with thinning, wispy curls dyed black and a crooked, buzzard’s nose, promptly grilling me in a language I had never heard before. “Say ‘rose,’ the blonde kid sitting next to me whispered under his breath. I had to collect so many Yoplait lids for extra credit (because they had French writing on them back then, not because of the recent Save Lids to Save Lives campaign) to make up for my awful grades. All I remember from those days are the words for horse, fish, and pink. Along with a plethora of French curse words I’ve picked up from my friends, that is the extent of my French language ability. But I’m willing to give it another try now.

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3 Responses to Radio Interview: France Inter

  1. bighominid says:

    You have some weird tags, man. Never knew about the felt/sperm thing. Felt is “feutre” in French; sperm is “sperme” or “sémence” (which technically means seed). Maybe there’s a slang term that I’m unaware of. French slang is something I’m behind on; my head is still back in the 1980s, and I haven’t kept current with slang’s evolution in France.

    Congrats on the promos that are happening for you. Work that Europe angle!


    • Young says:

      Haha. I figured not many people bother to read the tags so I thought I’d have some fun with them. I don’t remember exactly what the other word was. I’ll have to check with my friend. I actually learned it from my TESOL instructor, who was a wholesome, middle-aged lady, so I don’t know if it was slang. I just remember that it was really strange that she bothered to mention it.


  2. bighominid says:

    (Whoops, sorry to mislead you: “sémence” is more often written without the acute accent: “semence.” But the accented word also exists, it seems.)


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