May/Free Book Promotion Recap

This past month taught me the value of promotion. For the first 26 days of May, sales were almost nonexistent. After I hit the 100-book mark toward the end of April, it seemed like that was it. I sold a book a week for the first two weeks of the month, and I had to do something. It was then that I remembered that Amazon had some promotion tools, and I figured a free book promotion would be more likely to garner readership than a countdown discount deal.

During the five days of the promotion, the book was downloaded 510 times, almost five times my sales for the previous 90 days. Hopefully, a fair amount of those readers will take the time to write a review of the book.

In May, I had two interviews broadcast—one for Radio France Internationale and one for the Korea and the World podcast, which I’ve recently learned will be syndicated on I’m still looking for a Korean publisher so that I can get my book back in Kyobo, but there haven’t been any takers so far.

The truth is, I haven’t been working as hard at promotion as I should, and May was a reminder that I need to get off my ass. I had three sales yesterday (as a result of the promotion?), which is a good start to the month, but whether June will be a good month depends on whether I can follow through with that determination.

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2 Responses to May/Free Book Promotion Recap

  1. bighominid says:

    Here’s hoping the folks who got your book via free promo do indeed write up some reviews. Fingers crossed.


    • Young says:

      Thanks, Kevin. My hope is that at least ten percent of them write a review, but it’s hard to say how many will actually end up writing one. I had about five percent for the first hundred sales, but they are all my friends (thanks again, by the way). But I’ve also been told that people who download books for free are more likely to write a review.


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