Free Promotion Update

So I guess 15,000 to 20,000 downloads was far too optimistic. I don’t know what Marc did to get that many downloads, but it’s beyond me. That being said, I’m happy with my results so far, and it’s only been two days into a five-day promotion. On the first day, I had 71 downloads, which is almost how many books I sold in my first month. Yesterday, there were only about 30 downloads when I went to bed, but when I checked this morning, there were 254. 325 downloads in two days.

FreePromoDLs To put things in perspective, the faint red and blue marks are my sales for this month.

These downloads have boosted my Amazon rankings. The book is now #1 in Army and Military memoir categories and #1,648 in the Free category of the Kindle Store. Prior to the promotion, my book never got higher than #150,000 and was around #320,000 in the Paid category of the Kindle Store. Of course, I’m not going to see a single dime from all these downloads, but writing is not really about the money for me. “Writers write so readers can read,” said Sean Connery’s character in Finding Forrester (2000). It makes me happy to know that I didn’t spend all that time writing a book that nobody would read.

[Edit] I’m not sure which time zone Amazon is using, but the numbers for yesterday and today were both rising after I posted. The second day total is now 323 downloads, for a two-day total of 394.

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