Free Book Promotion

For those of you who were reluctant to pay $2.99 for the book (I ain’t mad at cha), it’s your lucky day today. And tomorrow. And the three days after that. The e-book will be offered for free on Amazon starting today, May 27th, until Sunday, May 31st.

[Notice] I messed up and you’ll have to click a different link for the free e-book. There were some complications when I was uploading the manuscript, and the result was two separate entries for the same book. The extended offer until Sunday is for one version, and a one-day offer only for tomorrow is for the other version I’ve been treating as the primary version. Again, don’t click the Amazon link on the toolbar to the right.

Click here for the free book.

The free book promotion is one of Amazon’s promotion tools, and it’s only an option every 90-day period your book is enrolled in some program of Amazon’s that entitles it to exclusive distribution.  According to friend and fellow self-published author Marc Finks, if I do this right, I can “get between 15,000-25,000 downloads, which can result in a bunch of reviews.” I’ve only sold around 110 books (e-books and paperbacks combined) so I’m interested in seeing what happens.

While I’m a big fan of free things, it’s a different story when it’s your stuff that’s free. In The Dark Knight, the Joker says, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” (Money was never the object; it’s just a material and quantifiable means of validating my work.) Whether the book is good or not is a discussion for the reading public, and this is a way for me to reach that public. It may be the only way. Things have not been going as well as hoped in the promotion department. Many of the few people that have agreed to review the book have stopped answering my e-mails. Through this promotion, we’ll see if word-of-mouth can accomplish what all this pitching and querying could not.

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