April Recap

It’s time for the April recap. It was a slow month in terms of results; it was more about laying the groundwork for promotion in the coming months. There were no interviews or reviews published or broadcast, but I had an interview for a print newspaper, an overseas radio broadcast, and a podcast. I also met with two more reporters to discuss possibilities for other news outlets. I only managed to sell a third of my first month’s sales, but I also sold my 100th book and sold all the paperbacks at Kyobo. I got one more review on Amazon and also signed my book for the first time this month, ending up having signed seven copies of the book.

Another reason for the lack of results is that I’ve been busy, and when I haven’t been busy, I’ve been extremely lazy. Three visits from friends from overseas, a trip to Boryeong to see my mom, a trip to Tokyo, and packing up and moving to a new place in addition to my editing side-job have left me with little energy to grind out the queries (and hungover for a good deal of the month). Now that I have the move behind me, I’m hoping that May will be a much more productive month. I’m behind on this week’s deadline for editing so I’ll keep this post short, but I’ll go into detail on what’s happened in the past week after tomorrow as well as post the first installment of the discussion on identity.

* None of the interviews would have been possible without the help of Frederic Ojardias, foreign correspondent for Radio France Internationale and lecturer at Seoul National University, but above all, my friend from those days of hard drinking in graduate school. I’m the type of person who would like to believe that I can do everything of my own ability, but there’s a lot to be said about getting a little help from your friends.

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