March Recap and Call for Reviews

I’ve been busy this week with non-book-related matters, but I thought I’d take some time to recap March, my first month of publishing and promotion. In terms of sales, I’ve sold 59 e-books and 19 paperbacks for a total of 78, which is not bad for the first month, although a few of the paperbacks were actually bought by me and there are still two copies available at Kyobo. In terms of promotion, I did a radio interview with Chris Jensen at TBS eFM and a blog interview with Matt V. at Gusts of Popular Feeling.

I may not have many results in terms of promotion, but it’s understandable because a lot of the month was spent sending out press releases and queries. I do have several interviews lined up for the next couple months as a result of last month’s groundwork. I did an interview with Hankyoreh last week and I have an interview for Radio France Internationale scheduled for tomorrow. I was contacted this afternoon by another journalist, and hopefully something will pan out pending his pitch to the US-based radio station. I have about five more interviews in the works, and I’m just waiting for the interviewers to finish reading the book.

One thing that I’ve started this month is contacting readers at book review blogs. The Amazon site still only has four reviews, and the book has only been rated on Goodreads three times. If you’ve finished the book, please take a couple of minutes out of your day to write a review or rate the book. I know it might be a slight inconvenience, but the book is the result of two years of a nightmarish experience and the good part of six years of writing and re-writing and editing and re-editing. I’ve been told that reviews and ratings go a long way when people are considering picking up a book. Whether you liked or hated the book, feedback also is helpful for me as a writer. You can leave your feedback at the Amazon site or the Goodreads page.

* Thanks to Joel, Kevin, John, and Arthur for writing reviews on the Amazon book page.

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1 Response to March Recap and Call for Reviews

  1. bighominid says:

    Congratulations, and may the hits keep coming!


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