Nothing to Report

When I was in Afghanistan, one of my duties was to attend the daily base-wide meetings and weekly force-protection meetings. After the base XO, Brigadier General Jacoby, finished going through the PowerPoint, he’d go around the room and address each of the Coalition representatives. There was rarely anything in the meetings that needed to be relayed back to my superiors so my only responsibility was to respond to General Jacoby’s question. Just as there was no real need for the Korean Army to be in Afghanistan, or maybe because of it, there was no real need for me to be at those meetings. My response was always the same: “Nothing to report.”

Things have been quiet since the end of last week. I’ve managed to get one newspaper to agree to interview me, but the interview’s been postponed until the end of next week. I also have a couple of interviews slated with some power bloggers who post about Korea, but I won’t hear from them until they’ve finished reading the book. I’m sending out queries to wherever I can, but the response rate is probably one for every ten to twenty e-mails I write. Until things start picking up, all I can do is keep grinding out e-mails and wait. It hasn’t even been a month since the book has been on sale, but it feels like it’s been much, much longer. I guess that’s the thing about waiting.

I haven’t seen a physical copy of the book yet, but my friend Joel sent me a picture of the paperback from the States. It seems they enlarged the cover and the title bleeds a little into the binding. I’ll have to look into using a different font for the title.


Paperback sales have actually been better than I thought they’d be. Not great, but better than nothing. I guess there’s no denying the feeling of holding a book in your hands and smelling that new-book smell. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take a picture of the paperback myself in the coming weeks.

I said I’d post whenever I have news, which means I’m not thinking about spacing out the timing of posts or forcing myself to write, but even during the lulls, there are still things I’ve been meaning to post. I might not have any progress updates for the rest of the week, but I’ll try to post a couple more entries.

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