A Few Paperbacks in Korea

Thanks to my friend Yong-jin Jang, who’s in charge of importing books for Kyobo Bookstore, there will be five copies of the paperback on sale at the Gwanghwamun branch of the Kyobo Bookstore. Five copies may not sound like much, but it’s more than I ever imagined with a self-published book. To see a book I’ve written on the shelves of a bookstore, it’s something I’ve been dreaming of and something I thought wouldn’t happen at least until my second or third book. Promotion has been slow-going and sales have been sluggish, but this is something. Once they’re on the shelves, I’ll announce it here and post pictures.


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6 Responses to A Few Paperbacks in Korea

  1. bighominid says:

    Got your email and have seen this post. I bought an e-copy of your book when it came out on Amazon, but I might see about buying a hard copy. Somehow. Nice feeling, I imagine, to see your work in an actual bookstore. Congratulations!


    • Young says:

      Thanks, Kevin. I wonder what the mark-up will be on the book. I hope it’s not too absurd. If you don’t mind a long wait and I ever find an occasion to visit the States, I’ll pick you up a copy.


  2. Well, the paperback price is only $9.31 on Amazon. With Amazon Prime I should get free shipping to my APO address. How many copies do y’all want?


    • Young says:

      John, I was thinking about it, and it would actually be really nice to have a few copies on hand. I guess five copies should be enough (Kevin, your copy is on me). I can pay you up front if it would make you more comfortable.


    • Young says:

      Thanks, John. I appreciate it. I’d be glad to sign your copy. (Signing a copy is also something I never thought I’d be doing with this book.)


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